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    Lizze Extreme


    REDUCES FROM 2 HOURS TO JUST 40 MINUTES IN PROGRESSIVE! BOARD | EXTREME LIZZE 250°C | 480°F Add to Cart EXCLUSIVE USE BY PROFESSIONALS NANO TITANIUM TECHNOLOGY Protects the wires from direct contact with the aluminum plate, making it even easier to slide, making the straightening process faster, more accurate and uniform. Save 70% of…

  • Extreme Dryer


    THE BEST OF THE WORLD! DRYER | EXTREME LIZZE THE HOTTEST EXCLUSIVE USE BY PROFESSIONALS HALF THE DRYING TIME The only one that really delivers 2400 Watts of power, performance that saves the professional time. Its performance makes a brushing to be performed in half the time. 127V and 220V MORE PROFIT FOR THE PROFESSIONAL…

  • Extreme Slim


    SAFETY AND HEALTH FOR THE HAIR! BOARD | LIZZE EXTREME SLIM 250°C | 480°F EXCLUSIVE USE BY PROFESSIONALS REACHES 250°C (480°F) With surprising features, the Lizze EXTREME SLIM board has the latest generation of technology. Reaching the temperature of 250°C, and providing impressive results. The Lizze Extreme Slim Board has a temperature setting of 300….

  • Lizze Curly


    THE BEST AUTOMATIC CACHETER! MAKES LIFE EASIER FOR PROFESSIONALS Designed especially for you. More practicality and speed. PERFECT CURLS IN 8 SECONDS Save time! More practicality and effortless. SOUND SOUND Lizze Curly tells you when the curl is finished. SALON RESULT AT HOME ALSO DESIGNED FOR HOME USE.